Injectors for Citroen C8

This is only a sample of the brand new and remanufactured injectors that we supply for the Citroen C8. Please click ‘Details’ for price and availability, fitment, and part number compatibility.

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SizebhpYearsEngine Code, Other SpecPart NumberOE NumberType
2.2 d163-1702006-4H ..., DW12BTED404451150259659228880New OriginalDetails
2.2 d163-1702006-4H ..., DW12BTED409864353519659228880OE ExchangeDetails
2.2 d1282002-20064HW, DW12TED4/FAP04451100369638444980New OriginalDetails
2.2 d1282002-20064HW, DW12TED4/FAP04451100369638444980OE ExchangeDetails
2.0 d1632010-RHE, RHH, DW10CTED4R00101D9M5Q9F593BANew OriginalDetails
2.0 d1182007-DW10UA2C595116021980K5New OriginalDetails
2.0 d1362006-2008RHF, RHR, DW10BTED4A2C595116019659244280New OriginalDetails
2.0 d1362006-2008RHF, RHR, DW10BTED4A2C595116019659244280RemanufacturedDetails
2.0 d1092002-2006RHS/W, DW10ATED4044511005796384889New OriginalDetails
2.0 d1092002-2006RHS/W, DW10ATED4044511005796384889OE ExchangeDetails
2.0 d1092002-2006RHS/W, DW10ATED4044511005796384889RemanufacturedDetails
2.0 dA2C595116039660334880New OriginalDetails

Part numbers and vehicle compatibilities are for comparison purposes only. DLH Turbo Diesel Ltd is not legally responsible for their accuracy.