Reman Bosch Pump 0445010046

Reman Bosch Pump 0445010046

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fuel pump 0445010046 96421669 1920EA 1920NE

Reman Bosch Pump 0445010046

Description: Genuine Bosch pump rebuilt with OE quality parts to meet or exceed original factory specifications.

Model: n/a

Warranty: 12 months unlimited mileage Turbo Diesel warranty.

Returns: 30 days from invoice date unused and in resaleable condition.

Core Deposit: GBP 60, refunded on receipt of your old pump.

Additional information

Weight 6 kg




Fits the Following Applications

MakeModelSizebhpYearsEngine Code and Other Specifications
CitroenDispatch2.0 d94-1092001-2005RHX DW10BTED, RHZ DW10ATED, HDI
CitroenEvasion2.0 d1092001-2002RHZ DW10ATED/L3, HDI [U60], (22, U6)
CitroenXsara2.0 d902001-2005RHY DW10TD, HDI [N6], N0, N1, N2, N68, 90
CitroenBerlingo2.0 d902000-2002RHY DW10TD, HDI, M49, MBRHY, MCRHY, 90, 4WD
CitroenC52.0 d90-1092001-2004RHS DW10ATED/FAP, RHY DW10TD, RHZ DW10ATED, HDI
CitroenRelay2.0 d842001-2006RHV DW10TD, HDI, U5, 23, 230L, 244
CitroenRelay2.2 d1012002-20064HY DW12TED, HDI, U5, 23, 230L, 244
FiatDucato2.0 d842002-2006RHV M5, RHV M15, JTD, 230, 231, 244, Z, 10, 11, 14
FiatScudo2.0 d952001-2005RHX M7/M14, RHZ M6/M13, JTD, 16V, 222
FiatUlysse2.0 d1092001-2002RHZ M9, JTD 8V [121..], 220
Peugeot2062.0 d902001-2004RHY DW10TD, HDI [T1], 2A/C, 90
Peugeot3062.0 d902001-2003RHY DW10TD, HDI [N5], 7A, 7C, N3, 7B, 7E
Peugeot3072.0 d90-1072001-2004RHS DW10ATED/FAP, RHY DW10TD, HDI, 90, 110
Peugeot4062.0 d90-1071999-2004RHS DW10ATED/FAP, RHY DW10TD, , HDI, 90, 110
Peugeot6072.0 d107-1092000-2007RHS DW10ATED/FAP, RHZ DW10ATED, HDI
Peugeot8062.0 d1092001-2002RHZ DW10ATED, HDI [U60], 221
PeugeotBoxer2.0 d842001-2006RHV DW10TD, HDI, U3, U5, 230L, 244, Z
PeugeotBoxer2.2 d1012002-20064HY DW12TED, HDI, U3, U5, 244, Z
PeugeotExpert2.0 d90-1091999-2007RHX DW10BTED, RHZ DW10ATED, HDI [U64], 222, 224
PeugeotPartner2.0 d902001-2002RHY DW10TD, 5, 5F, HDI

Compatible with the Following Part Numbers

ManufacturerOriginal Equipment
04450100461920 EA1920 NE1920EA96 421 669