Remanufactured Bosch / Dodge Fuel Pump 0445010095 / 68014060AA

Remanufactured Bosch / Dodge Fuel Pump 0445010095 / 68014060AA

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fuel pump 0445010095 68014060AA 6420700301 68014060AB 6420700001

Reman Bosch Pump 0445010095

Description: Genuine Bosch pump rebuilt with OE quality parts to meet or exceed original factory specifications.

Model: n/a

Warranty: 12 months unlimited mileage Turbo Diesel warranty.

Returns: 30 days from invoice date unused and in resaleable condition.

Core Deposit: GBP 60, refunded on receipt of your old pump.

Additional information

Weight 6 kg




Fits the Following Applications

MakeModelSizebhpYearsEngine Code and Other Specifications
DodgeSprinter3.0 d2007-2009W5A380, OM642
MercedesC 3203.0 d2242004-2009OM642.910, D30, W203, W204, CDI, 4matic
MercedesCLK 3203.0 d2242005-2009OM642.910, D30, A209, C209, CDI
MercedesCLS 3203.0 d2242005-2009OM642.920, D30, C219, CDI
MercedesCLS 3503.0 d2242009-2009OM642.920, D30, C219, CDI
MercedesE 3503.0 d231-2652009-OM642.850 CDI, 4matic, W212, S212, C207, A207, W213
MercedesG 3203.0 d2242006-
MercedesG 3503.0 d2112011-
MercedesGL 3203.0 d2242008-OM642.820, 4matic, X164
MercedesGL 3503.0 d211-2652009-OM642.820, CDI, 4matic
MercedesGLK 3203.0 d2242008-OM642.961, D30, CDI, 4matic, X204
MercedesML 2803.0 d1902005-2009OM642.940, D30, CDI, 4matic, W164
MercedesML 3003.0 d2009-2010OM642.940, D30, CDI, 4matic, W164
MercedesR 2803.0 d1902006-2009OM642.950, D30, CDI, 4matic, W251, V251
MercedesR 3003.0 d1902009-2010OM642.950, D30, CDI, 4matic, W251, V251
MercedesR 3203.0 d2242005-2009OM642.950, D30, CDI, 4matic, W251, V251
MercedesR 3503.0 d2112009-OM642.870, CDI, 4matic, W251, V251
MercedesS 3203.0 d2352005-2008OM642.930, D30, CDI, 4matic, W221
MercedesS 3503.0 d2352009-2010OM642.930, D30, CDI, 4matic, W221, W, V, X222
MercedesViano3.0 d204-2242006-OM642.990, OM642DE 30LA, W639, CDI
MercedesVito3.0 d204-2242006-OM642.990, OM642DE 30LA, W639, CDI

Compatible with the Following Part Numbers

ManufacturerOriginal Equipment
044501009564207 0030168014 060AA68014 060AB642 070 00 01
0445010135642 070 03 01A 642 070 00 01A 642 070 03 016420700301