Remanufactured Bosch / Chrysler Fuel Pump 0445010145 / 68018733AA

Remanufactured Bosch / Chrysler Fuel Pump 0445010145 / 68018733AA

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fuel pump 0445010145 68018733AA 71775577 6420700501 A6420700501

Reman Bosch Pump 0445010145

Description: Genuine Bosch pump rebuilt with OE quality parts to meet or exceed original factory specifications.

Model: n/a

Warranty: 12 months unlimited mileage Turbo Diesel warranty.

Returns: 30 days from invoice date unused and in resaleable condition.

Core Deposit: GBP 60, refunded on receipt of your old pump.

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Weight 6 kg




Fits the Following Applications

MakeModelSizebhpYearsEngine Code and Other Specifications
Chrysler300C3.0 d204-2312006-EXL
JeepCommander3.0 d204-2312006-EXL
MercedesC 3203.0 d2242004-2009OM642.910, D30, OM642.961, W203, W204, CDI, 4matic
MercedesC 3503.0 d2242009-2009OM642.961 D 30, W204, CDI, 4matic
MercedesCLK 3203.0 d2242005-2009OM642.910, D30, A209, C209, CDI
MercedesCLS 3203.0 d2242005-2008OM642.920, D30, C219, CDI
MercedesCLS 3503.0 d2242009-2009OM642.920 D 30, C219, CDI
MercedesE 2803.0 d1902005-2009OM642.920, D30, OM642.921, CDI, 4matic, S211
MercedesE 3003.0 d204-2312009-OM642.850, CDI, 4matic, W212, S212
MercedesE 3203.0 d2242005-2009OM642.920, D30, OM642.921, CDI, 4matic, S211
MercedesE 3503.0 d2112009-OM642.850 D 30, CDI, W212, S212
MercedesGL 3203.0 d2242006-2009OM642.940, D30, CDI, 4matic, X164
MercedesGL 3503.0 d2242009-OM642.940, D30, X164, CDI, 4matic
MercedesGLK 3203.0 d2242008-OM642.961, D30, CDI, 4matic, X204
MercedesML 2803.0 d1902005-2009OM642.940, D30, CDI, 4matic, W164
MercedesML 3003.0 d190-2002009-OM642.820, OM642.940 D 30, CDI, 4matic, W164
MercedesML 3203.0 d2242005-2009OM642.940, D30, CDI, 4matic, W164
MercedesML 3503.0 d211-2322009-OM642.820, OM642.940, D30, CDI, 4matic, W164
MercedesR 2803.0 d1902006-2009OM642.950, D30, CDI, 4matic, W251, V251
MercedesR 3003.0 d1902009-2010OM642.950, D30, CDI, 4matic, W251, V251
MercedesR 3203.0 d2242005-2009OM642.950, D30, CDI, 4matic, W251, V251
MercedesS 3203.0 d2352005-2008OM642.930, D30, CDI, 4matic, W221
MercedesS 2503.0 d2352009-2010OM642.930, OM642.932 D 30, CDI, 4matic, W221
MercedesViano3.0 d2006-OM642.990 OM642DE 30LA, CDI, W369
MercedesSprinter3.0 d2006-OM642... Euro 4, OM642.992DE 30 LA Euro 5, CDI, NCV3
MercedesVito3.0 d2006-642.990 OM642DE30LA, Euro 5, CDI, 639, 120, 122

Compatible with the Following Part Numbers

ManufacturerOriginal Equipment
04450101457177557768018 733AA642 070 05 01A 642 070 05 01