Remanufactured Bosch / Audi Fuel Pump 0445010507 / 03L130755

Remanufactured Bosch / Audi Fuel Pump 0445010507 / 03L130755

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fuel pump 0445010507 03L130755 03L130755A 03L130851AX 03L130851X

Reman Bosch Pump 0445010507

Description: Genuine Bosch pump rebuilt with OE quality parts to meet or exceed original factory specifications.

Model: n/a

Warranty: 12 months unlimited mileage Turbo Diesel warranty.

Returns: 30 days from invoice date unused and in resaleable condition.

Core Deposit: GBP 0, refunded on receipt of your old pump.

Additional information

Weight 6 kg

Availability on request


Fits the Following Applications

MakeModelSizebhpYearsEngine Code and Other Specifications
AudiA42.0 d120-1702007-CAGA, CAGB, CAGC, CAHA, CAHB, CMEA, TDI, 8K2, 8K5, 8KH, B8
AudiA52.0 d136-1702008-CAGA, CAGB, CAGC, CAHA, CAHB, CMEA, TDI, 8F7, 8T3, 8TA
AudiA62.0 d136-1702008-CAGB, CAHA, CAHB, TDI, TDI e, 4F5, 4F2, C6
AudiQ52.0 d136-1702008-2010CAGA, CAGB, CAHA, CAHB, TDI, 8RB
AudiTT2.0 d1702008-2010CBBB, TDI, 8J3, 8J9, Roadster
SeatAltea2.0 d140-1702009-2010CEGA, TDI, 4WD, 5P1, 5P5, 5P8, Freetrack, XL
SeatExeo2.0 d120-1702008-CAGA, CAGC, CAHA, TDI, 3R2, 3R5, ST
SeatLeon2.0 d1702009-CEGA, TDI, 1P1
SkodaOctavia2.0 d1702008-2014CEGA, TDI, RS, 1Z3, 1Z5
SkodaSuperb2.0 d1702008-2015CBBB, TDI, 4x4, 3T4, 3T5
SkodaYeti2.0 d140-1702009-2010CBDB, CEGA, TDI, 4x4, 5L7
VWAmarok2.0 d2010-
VWEos2.0 d1402008-2010CBAB, TDI, 1F7
VWGolf2.0 d110-1702008-2010CBAA, CBAB, CBBB, CBDA, CBDB, CBDC, TDI, 521, 4Motion
VWJetta2.0 d136-1702008-2010CBDA, CBDB, CEGA, TDI, 1K2
VWPassat2.0 d110-1702008-2010CBAA, CBAB, CBAC, CBBB, CBDC, TDI, 4Motion, 3C2, 357, CC, 3C5
VWScirocco2.0 d140-1702008-2010CBBB, CBDB, TDI, 137
VWTiguan2.0 d136-1702007-2011CBAA, CBAB, CBBA, CBBB, TDI, 4Motion, 5N1
VWAmarok2.0 d122-1632010-CDBA, CDCA, TDI, BiTDI, 4Motion, 2H, S1B
VWGolf2.0 d1402009-CBDB, CJAA, TDI, 5K1, AJ5

Compatible with the Following Part Numbers

ManufacturerOriginal Equipment
044501050703L 130 75503L 130 755 A03L 130 851 AX03L 130 851 X
044501050803L 130 755A03L 130 851AX03L 130 851X03L130755