New Original Bosch / Audi Fuel Pump 0445010514 / 03L130755D

New Original Bosch / Audi Fuel Pump 0445010514 / 03L130755D

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fuel pump 0445010514 03L130755D 03L130755AA 03L130755L 03L130755M

New Bosch Pump 0445010514

Description: Brand new genuine Bosch pump in original packaging. Exactly as seen on the production line and as offered by your official dealer.

Model: n/a

Warranty: 24 months unlimited mileage Bosch warranty.

Returns: 30 days from invoice date unused and in resaleable condition.

Core Deposit: Not applicable. Outright sale.

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Weight 6 kg




Fits the Following Applications

MakeModelSizebhpYearsEngine Code and Other Specifications
AudiA12.0 d136-1432011-CFHB, CFHD, D92, TDI, 8X1, 8XA
AudiA32.0 d1702009-2010CFFA, CFFB, CFGB, CLJA, TDI, 8P1, 8P7, 8PA
AudiA42.0 d1362010-CJCB, TDI, 8K2, B8, 8K5
AudiQ52.0 d136-1702010-CGLA, CGLB, CJCA, CJCB, TDI, 8RB
AudiTT2.0 d1702010-CFGB, TDI, 8J3, 8J9, Roadster
SeatAltea2.0 d140-1702010-CFHC, CFJA, TDI, 4WD, 5P1, 5P5, 5P8, Freetrack, XL
SeatIbiza2.0 d1432010-CFHD, TDI, 6J5, 6J1, Sportcoupe
SeatLeon2.0 d140-1702010-CFHC, CFJA, CLCB, TDI, 1P1
SeatLeon2.0 d140-1702010-CFHC, CFJA, CLCB, TDI, 1P1
SkodaOctavia2.0 d110-1402010-CFHC, CFHF, CLCA, CLCB, TDI, 4x4, 1Z3, 1Z5
SkodaSuperb2.0 d140-1702010-CFFB, CFGB, CLJA, TDI, 4x4, 3T4, 3T5
SkodaYeti2.0 d110-1702009-CFHA, CFHC, CFHF, CFJA, CLCA, CLCB, TDI, 4x4, 5L7
VWCaddy2.0 d110-1402010-CFHC, CFHE, CFHF, CLCA, TDI, 4Motion, 2C
VWEos2.0 d136-1402010-CFFA, CFFB, TDI, 1F8
VWGolf2.0 d110-1702009-CFHB, CFHC, CLCA, CFFA, CFFB, CFGB, TDI, 521, 4Motion, 5K1, 517
VWJetta2.0 d1102010-CLCA, CFFB, CLCB, TDI, 1K2
VWPassat2.0 d136-1702010-CFFA, CFFB, CFGB, CLLA, TDI, 4Motion, 362, 357, CC, 365
VWScirocco2.0 d136-1702010-CFGB, CFHB, CFHC, TDI, 137
VWSharan2.0 d136-1702010-CFFA, CFFB, CFGB, TDI, 4Motion, 7N1
VWTiguan2.0 d110-1702009-2011CFFA, CFFB, CFFD, CFGB, CLJA, TDI, 4Motion, 5N1
VWTouran2.0 d110-1702010-CFHC, CFJA, TDI, 1T3

Compatible with the Following Part Numbers

ManufacturerOriginal Equipment
044501051403L 130 755 AA03L 130 755 D03L 130 755 L03L 130 755 M
044501052303L 130 851 BX03L 130 851 HX03L 130 755 F03L 130 755 AB
044501052603L 130 755AA03L 130 755D03L 130 755L03L 130 755M
044501053203L 130 851BX03L 130 851HX03L 130 755F03L 130 755AB