New Original VDO / Citroen Fuel Pump A2C53384062 / 9676289780

New Original VDO / Citroen Fuel Pump A2C53384062 / 9676289780

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fuel pump A2C53384062 9676289780 1685831 1707059 1720038 1802823

New VDO Pump 5WS40893

Description: Brand new genuine VDO pump in original packaging. Exactly as seen on the production line and as offered by your official dealer.

Model: n/a

Warranty: 24 months unlimited mileage VDO warranty.

Returns: 30 days from invoice date unused and in resaleable condition.

Core Deposit: Not applicable. Outright sale.

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Weight 6 kg




Fits the Following Applications

MakeModelSizebhpYearsEngine Code and Other Specifications
CitroenBerlingo1.6 d1122010-9HR, HDI
CitroenC31.6 d1122010-9HR, MK 2, II, HDI
CitroenC41.6 d112-1142009-9HL, 9HR, AWC, B7, LA_, UA_, LC_, UD_, HDI
CitroenC51.6 d112-1142010-9HR, MK 3, III, RD_, HDI
CitroenDS31.6 d1122009-9HR, HDI
CitroenDS41.6 d112-1562011-9HR, HDI, THP
CitroenDS51.6 d1122009-9HR, HDI
FordC-Max1.6 d1152010-T1DA, T1DB, MK 2, II, TDCI
FordFocus1.6 d1152011-T1DA, T1DB, MK 3, III, TDCI
FordGalaxy1.6 d1152011-T1DA, T1DB, TDCI
FordGrand C-Max1.6 d1152010-T1DA, T1DB, TDCI
FordMondeo1.6 d112-1562011-T1BA, T1BB, T1BC, MK 4, IV, TDCI
FordS-Max1.6 d112-1562011-T1BA, T1BB, T1BC, TDCI
Mazda31.6 d1162010-MZR-CD, Y6, BL
Peugeot2071.6 d1122009-9HR, WA_, WC_, WD_, WK_, CC, SW, HDI,
Peugeot2081.6 d1142012-16V, HDI
Peugeot30081.6 d1122010-9HR, HDI
Peugeot3081.6 d1122009-9HR, 4A_, 4C_, CC, SW, HDI
Peugeot40081.6 d1142012-9HR, AWC, HDI
Peugeot50081.6 d1122010-9HR, HDI
Peugeot5081.6 d112-1152010-9HD, 9HR, SW, HDI
VolvoC301.6 d1152010-D4162 T, D2
VolvoS401.6 d1152010-D4162 T, MK 2, II, D2
VolvoS601.6 d1142011-D4162 T, MK 2, II, D2, Drive
VolvoV401.6 d1142012-D4162 T, D2
VolvoV501.6 d1152010-D4162 T, D2
VolvoV601.6 d1142011-D4162 T, Drive
VolvoV701.6 d1142011-D4162 T, MK 3, III, Drive

Compatible with the Following Part Numbers

ManufacturerOriginal Equipment
5WS408949676289780AV6Q 9A543 AAAV6Q 9A543 CAAV6Q 9A543 CB