Genuine Bosch Nozzle DLLA150P1274 / 0433171801

Genuine Bosch Nozzle DLLA150P1274 / 0433171801

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Genuine Bosch Nozzle DLLA150P1274

Description: Brand new genuine Bosch nozzle in original packaging. Exactly as seen on the production line: genuine OE product.

Part Number: 0433171801

Warranty: 24 months unlimited mileage Bosch warranty.

Returns: 30 days from invoice date unused and in resaleable condition.

Core Deposit: Not applicable. Outright sale.

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Weight 0.25 kg




Fits the Following Applications

MakeModelSizebhpYearsEngine Code and Other Specifications
CitroenC41.6 d1092004-20059H..., DV6TED4, HDi, B5, Coupe, LA, LC
CitroenC51.6 d1092004-20059H..., DV6TED4, HDi, X3, Break
CitroenXsara1.6 d1092004-20059H..., DV6TED4, HDi, N68, Picasso
FordFocus C-MAX1.6 d1092003-2007G8D..., Duratorq-TDCi, TDCi, 04
FordFocus1.6 d1092004-2008G8D..., Duratorq, TDCi, MK2, II, 04, DA, Turnier
FordFusion1.6 d902004-HHJ, TDCi, 02, JU
Mazda31.6 d109-1102003-Y6, MZ-CD, MZR-CD, BK, BL, DI, Turbo, Hatchback
Peugeot2061.6 d1092004-20059H..., DV6TED4, HDi, 110, 2A/C, 2E/K, T1, SW
Peugeot3071.6 d1092004-20059H..., DV6TED4, HDi, T5, Break, SW, 3A/C, 3E, 3H
Peugeot4071.6 d1092004-20059H..., DV6TED4, HDi, 6D, 6E, D2, 110
VolvoC301.6 d1092006-2011D4164T..., D DRIVe
VolvoS401.6 d1092004-D4164T..., D DRIVe, MK2, II, MS
VolvoV501.6 d1092004-D4164T..., D DRIVe, MW

Compatible with the Following Part Numbers

ManufacturerOriginal Equipment
1609849480965504508016 098 4938016 098 49480
1980 CS1980 E51980 H31980CS
1980H33M5Q9 A593 GA3M5Q9 F593 CA3M5Q9 F593 GA
3M5Q9 F593 JA3M5Q9A593GA3M5Q9-A593-GAY604-13-H50
3M5Q9F593JA3M5Q9-F593-JA96 466 86296 485 754
96 507 60696 528 92096 550 45096 550 45080
96.528920.80ARM3M5Q 9F593 JARM3M5Q9F593JARM3M5Q-9F593-JA
Y603 13 H50Y60313H50Y603-13-H50Y604 13 H50