Genuine Firad Nozzle ASLA150P1247 / 0433175367

Genuine Firad Nozzle ASLA150P1247 / 0433175367

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nozzle firad dsla150p1247 0433175367 038130073ag 038130073am 038130073aq 038130073s

Genuine Firad Nozzle ASLA150P1247

Description: Brand new genuine Firad nozzle in original packaging. Highest quality aftermarket replacement.

Part Number: 0433175367

Warranty: 24 months unlimited mileage Firad warranty.

Returns: 30 days from invoice date unused and in resaleable condition.

Core Deposit: Not applicable. Outright sale.

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Weight 0.25 kg




Fits the Following Applications

MakeModelSizebhpYearsEngine Code and Other Specifications
AudiA21.4 d752003-2005BHC, TDI, 8Z0
AudiA31.9 d100-1052003-2010AXR, BKC, BXE, TDI, 8L1, 8P1, 8PA, Sportback
SeatAltea1.9 d90-1052004-2010BXE, BXF, TDI, 5P1, 5P5, XL
SeatCordoba1.9 d70-1002005-AXR, BNM, BNV, TDI, 6L2
SeatIbiza1.9 d70-1002005-2009AXR, BNM, BNV, TDI, 6L1
SeatLeon1.9 d90-1052005-2010AXR, BKC, BXE, BXF, TDI, 1M1, 1P1
SeatToledo1.9 d1052004-BJB, BKC, BXE, TDI, 5P2
SkodaFabia1.4 d70-802005-2010BNM, BNV, TDI, 572, 5J2, 5J5, 6Y2, 6Y3, Combi
SkodaFabia1.9 d100-1052005-2010AXR, BSW, TDI, 572, 5J2, 5J5, 6Y2, 6Y3, Combi
SkodaOctavia1.9 d100-1052005-AXR, BJB, BKC, BXE, TDI, 1U2, 1U5, 1Z3, 1Z5
SkodaRoomster1.9 d100-1052006-2010AXR, BSW, TDI, 5J7
SkodaSuperb1.9 d1052008-BXE, TDI, 3T4, 3T5, Combi
VWBeetle1.9 d100-1052003-BEW, BSW, TDI, 1C1, 9C1, 1Y7
VWPassat1.9 d1052005-2008BKC, BXE, TDI, 3C2, 3C5
VWPolo1.4 d752001-2007BAY, TDI, 9N1, 9N2
VWPolo1.9 d1002001-2009AXR, TDI, 9N1, 9N3
VWTouran1.9 d90-1052003-2006AVQ, BKC, BRU, BXE, BXF, TDI, 1T1, 1T2
VWBora1.9 d1002001-2005AXR, TDI, 1J2, 1J6, Variant
VWCaddy1.9 d1052004-2010BJB, TDI, 2K
VWFox1.4 d702005-BNM, TDI, 5Z1
VWGolf1.9 d90-1052001-2009AXR, BKC, BRU, BXE, BXF, TDI, 4motion, 1J1, 1J5, 1K1, 1K5, 5M1, Plus, Variant
VWJetta1.9 d1052005-BKC, TDI, 1K2, 1K6, V, 5
VWTransporter1.9 d85-1052003-2009AXB, AXC, TDI, 7H, 7J, California, Caravelle, Multivan

Compatible with the Following Part Numbers

ManufacturerOriginal Equipment
0414720115038 130 073 AG038 130 073 AM038 130 073 AQ038 130 073 S
0414720202038 130 079 D038 130 079 DX038 130 079 GX038 130 073AG
0414720206038 130 073AM038 130 073AQ038 130 073S038 130 079D
0414720208038 130 079DX038 130 079GX038130073AG038130073AM