Turbochargers for Mazda 3

This is only a sample of the brand new and remanufactured turbochargers that we supply for the Mazda 3. Please click ‘Details’ for price and availability, fitment, and part number compatibility.

If you can’t see your turbocharger listed, or if you need any assistance or advice, please contact us

SizebhpYearsEngine Code, Other SpecPart NumberOE NumberType
2.3 p2006-2013MZRK0422882DL3M713700CNew OriginalDetails
2.3 p2006-2013MZRK0422882DL3M713700CRemanufacturedDetails
2.3 d2602005-DISI EUK0422882L3M713700CNew OriginalDetails
2.2 d150-1852009-MZR-CDVJ40R2AC13700CNew OriginalDetails
2.2 d150-1852009-R2VJ41R2BH13700New OriginalDetails
2.2 d150-1852009-R2VJ41R2BH13700RemanufacturedDetails
2.0 d1432004-2009RF7J, RF7KVJ36RF7J13700ANew OriginalDetails
2.0 d1432004-2009RF7J, RF7KVJ36RF7J13700DRemanufacturedDetails
1.6 d1092004-Y601753420-5006SY60113700New OriginalDetails
1.6 d1092004-Y601753420-9006SY60113700OE ExchangeDetails
1.6 d1092004-Y601753420-5006SY60113700RemanufacturedDetails

Part numbers and vehicle compatibilities are for comparison purposes only. DLH Turbo Diesel Ltd is not legally responsible for their accuracy.