New Original Delphi / Citroen Fuel Pump 28307889 / 9678086680

New Original Delphi / Citroen Fuel Pump 28307889 / 9678086680

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fuel pump 28307889 9678086680 0275083KDR 1920QP 9M5Q9A543AA

New Delphi Pump 28244458

Description: Brand new genuine Delphi pump in original packaging. Exactly as seen on the production line and as offered by your official dealer.

Model: n/a

Warranty: 24 months unlimited mileage Delphi warranty.

Returns: 30 days from invoice date unused and in resaleable condition.

Core Deposit: Not applicable. Outright sale.

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Weight 6 kg

Availability on request


Fits the Following Applications

MakeModelSizebhpYearsEngine Code and Other Specifications
CitroenC42.0 d150-1632009-RHE, RHH, DW10CTED4, HDI
CitroenC52.0 d1632009-RHH, DW10CTED4, HDI
CitroenC82.0 d1632010-RHE, RHH, DW10CTED4, HDI
CitroenDispatch2.0 d98-1632010-AHY, AHZ, RHH, DW10CE, DW10CD, DW10CTED4, HDI, Jumpy
CitroenDS42.0 d136-1632011-RHE, RHH, DW10CTED4, HDI
CitroenDS52.0 d136-1632011-RHH, DW10CB, DW10CTED4, HDI
FiatScudo2.0 d128-1632010-RH02, RHH
FordC-MAX2.0 d115-1632010-TXDB, TYDA, UFDB, UKDB, TDCi, CB7, Cmax
FordFocus2.0 d115-1632010-TXDB, TYDA, UFDB, UKDB, TDCi, CB8
FordGalaxy2.0 d115-1632010-2012AZWC, DW10C, KLWA, QXWA, QXWB, TXWA, TYWA, TDCi, CA1
FordGrand C-MAX2.0 d115-1632010-2015TXDB, TYDA, UFDB, UKDB, TDCi, CB7
FordKuga2.0 d136-1632005-2013G6DA, TXDA, UFDA, UFMA, UKMA, TDCi, CBS, CBV
FordMondeo2.0 d115-1632010-2012AZBA, AZBC, KLBA, LPBA, QXBB, TXBA, TYBA, TXBA, TDCi, CAZ
FordS-MAX2.0 d115-1632010-2012AZWC, DW10C, KLWA, QXW-, TYWA, TXBA, UFWA, UKWA, TDCi
Peugeot30082.0 d136-1632009-RHE, RHH, RHR, DW10CB, DW10CTED4, HDI
Peugeot3082.0 d136-1632007-RHE, RHH, RHR, DW10CB, DW10CTED4, HDI
Peugeot4072.0 d150-1632009-2010RHE, RHH, DW10CTED4, HDI
Peugeot50082.0 d150-1632009-RHD, RHE, RHH, DW10CB, DW10CTED4, HDI
Peugeot5082.0 d1632010-RHH, DW10CTED4, HDI
Peugeot8072.0 d136-1632006-RHH, RHM, DW10CB, DW10CTED4, HDI
PeugeotExpert2.0 d98-1632009-AHY, AHZ, RHH, DW10CD, DW10CE, DW10CTED4, HDI, Tepee
PeugeotRCZ2.0 d1632010-RHH, DW10CTED4, HDI

Compatible with the Following Part Numbers

ManufacturerOriginal Equipment
283078899M5Q 9A543 AA9M5Q9A543AA